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There was something incredibly sexy about Aomine when he was fresh out of the shower, Kagami mused. It wasn’t the little droplets of water still clinging to that dark skin, or the fact that the blue-haired boy always exited the bathroom in nothing but a small towel tied around his waist that made up the sexy part. It contributed, but it wasn’t why Kagami always got all hot and bothered when he caught sight of the other boy’s cleaned body.

It was the look on Aomine’s face that got the blood rushing to his midsection. Those eyes – so blue and intense – would still be deep in thought, contemplating whatever it was that had been contemplated in the shower. For just a few precious moments, before the Ace of Touou came back to reality and turned his trademark leer on Kagami, he would look really, really, incredibly sexy staring off into the distance, still lost in his thoughts.

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